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The Gold Signature

gold swagAre gold chains still fashionable for hip-hop style? Fashion has always been a major part in hip-hop. Whether it’s in wearing trendy clothes, or rocking several gold chains at once. From dookie chains in the 80s, to Cuban link chains and pendants in the 90s, medallions in the 2000s and now, rope chains and giant Cuban kilo chains, the gold chain always symbolizes a statement. It is not only a fashion trend but it is a symbol of the hard work each hip-hop artiste puts in, their status and class or even loyalty to the game and their respective record record labels.

Swag fashion is very much entwined with hip hop fashion, and gold chains are a staple of swag. Pairing gold chain necklaces with oversized sports jerseys, oversized T-shirts, and big hoodies just oozes swag style. For ladies, you can finish the look with some dope kicks and a beanie or backwards baseball cap. Oversized tops are great because they are practically like a dress, so no pants or shorts are required.
In general, gold chains are a staple in hip-hop fashion since it brings in a lot of elements. I mean, now we gold chainhave highly crafted pieces like the Jesus Piece which is made of gold and diamonds. It is incorporated with religion, and it represents perseverance, faith and success…The gold chain is a signature in hip-hop!