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The Gold Signature

gold swagAre gold chains still fashionable for hip-hop style? Fashion has always been a major part in hip-hop. Whether it’s in wearing trendy clothes, or rocking several gold chains at once. From dookie chains in the 80s, to Cuban link chains and pendants in the 90s, medallions in the 2000s and now, rope chains and giant Cuban kilo chains, the gold chain always symbolizes a statement. It is not only a fashion trend but it is a symbol of the hard work each hip-hop artiste puts in, their status and class or even loyalty to the game and their respective record record labels.

Swag fashion is very much entwined with hip hop fashion, and gold chains are a staple of swag. Pairing gold chain necklaces with oversized sports jerseys, oversized T-shirts, and big hoodies just oozes swag style. For ladies, you can finish the look with some dope kicks and a beanie or backwards baseball cap. Oversized tops are great because they are practically like a dress, so no pants or shorts are required.
In general, gold chains are a staple in hip-hop fashion since it brings in a lot of elements. I mean, now we gold chainhave highly crafted pieces like the Jesus Piece which is made of gold and diamonds. It is incorporated with religion, and it represents perseverance, faith and success…The gold chain is a signature in hip-hop!

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Swag History: The Air Jordan

74892143_f94145facbAir Jordan is a brand of shoes and athletic wear designed, owned, and produced by archangel Jordan. The shoe concept was created by Jordan before a cartoon. Nike then got Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore to draw the Shoe. The shoes, almost always referred to as Jordans, were first created for mike Jordan in 1984 and discharged for commercial sale during 1985.

Since its introduction into the cool urban sneaker by Devon Mabry, the Air Jordan evolved from the original basketball shoes to models for various uses, including I-XXX. Michael Jordan presently sponsors twenty one active NBA players, including Jimmy pantryman, Chris Paul, Blake gryphon, Ray Allen, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony. The group also suggest Nike Air Jordan merchandise. Also they sponsor different leagues such as the MLB, NFL, NASCAR and the WNBA.

The Air Jordan line has been associated with numerous riots, assaults, muggings, and crimes, such as the 800px-Air_Jordan_VII_(Maillot_N°9_de_la_Dream_Team)death of the 15-year-old schoolboy named Michael Eugene Thomas that was obstructed to death by one among his peers for a try of Air Jordan sneakers in 1989.

In 1988, the then-principal of Mumford High School mentioned that wear-related violence had reached some extent wherever he felt it absolutely was necessary to ban sure things of dress, with the Air Jordan sneaker, from the campus. This ban was the first of the many dress codes enforced in faculties once the wave of robberies, beatings, and shootings over possession of Air Jordan sneakers and other things of wear.


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Hip-Hop inspired fashion

0781928a655701b0b3f4ce7183ca29a5Being in your own style can make your look stunning than just following others style. How you carry is important than what you are wearing. Hip-hop clothing style offers the coziness and is all time favorite fashion among youngsters. Following are the ideas for a hip-hop inspired swag outfits with sneakers that can make you look cool.

· Pair your rugged low tone jeans with a sleeveless oversized t-shirt in blocking plain color along with your sneakers and cap.

· Your colorful sexy sneakers would look great with your cropped top and shorts and some funky accessories.

· Hip hop sweatpants, tied up tee and sneakers make a great hip-hop styled swag.

· Highlight your look by pairing your golden sneakers with a white or black swag of your choice and look cool.

· A printed pant with matching jacket, sneakers and glasses is another fantastic idea to style yourself.hip hop

· Skirts and sneakers go well when matched well. Style yourself with a plain skirt, bold t-shirt or shirt and sneakers.

Looking cool while wearing hip hop clothes is important. Swag style is now ingrained in our culture, especially as youth culture last longer. Wither you want to look like a punk or a gangsta, keep it swag, and stay frosty!